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Safety Accessories
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Frequently asked questions about flashback arrestors and flow check valves:

Flashback Arrestors: Prevents a flame from traveling past the flashback arrestor in the event of a flashback.

Reverse Flow Check Valves: Helps to prevent the reverse flow of gases from traveling past the check valve.

Are flashback arrestors and check valves the same?
No. A check valve stops the reverse flow of gas; a flashback arrestor is designed to help stop the advancement of a flashback fire.
Why do I need a flashback arrestor?
Mixed gas explosions and flashback fires can result in damage to equipment and/or
severe personal injury or death. Smith flashback arrestors with built-in check valves
help prevent accidents caused by the reverse flow of gases and flashback fires.
What is the minimum pressure required to allow gas to flow through
the flashback arrestors?

The built-in check valve requires a minimum of 2 psi to open allowing gas to
flow through.

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